Tom Robinson Innocent Mockingbird Analysis

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Innocent Mockingbirds Wanted
Thesis: Tom Robinson, Atticus Finch, and Boo Radley all symbolize mockingbirds because of their traits, qualities, and actions.
I. Topic Sentence: Tom Robinson symbolizes a mockingbird because he is not harmful, he is misunderstood, and he is killed over a judgmental reason.
A. Claim: Behind his skin color, Tom loved to assist others without a reward.
1. Primary Evidence: He claimed that he would Mayella Ewell without being payed by saying, “No suh, not after she offered me a nickel the first time. I was glad to do it, Mr. Ewell didn’t seem to help her much” (Lee 191).
2. Interpretation: This situation in the book shows that Tom was an innocent mockingbird because he never harmed anyone; he just helped others
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Claim: Because of Tom’s race, he was misjudged and looked at as a threat to society.
1. Primary Evidence: When Bob Ewell says, “I seen that black nigger younder ruttin’ on my Mayella,” it explains that people just saw someone’s skin color and assumed that the colored person was up to no good (Lee 173).
2. Interpretation: Tom was wrapped up in evil and was misjudged harshly by his skin color and was “shot down” like a mockingbird by racism.
C. In the end, Tom was not respected or treated right and as a result, he was killed or “shot like a mockingbird.”
1. Primary Evidence: Tom tried to escape from jail and a policeman decided instead of stopping him that he should just shoot Tom (Lee 235).
2. It is said that it is a “sin to kill a mockingbird”, so this situation shows that the killing of innocent Tom was a not right.
II. Topic Sentence: Atticus Finch could be called the mockingbird of the book because he helps others, protects his loved ones, and is courageous.
A. Claim: Atticus is a man who sees the good in people and instead of harming others, he wants to help them.
1. Primary Evidence: Atticus explains to Scout that he is defending a negro because Tom is just like everyone else (Lee
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Primary Evidence: Atticus killed Tim the dog so that his family and Cal would be safe and not get attacked (Lee 96).
2. Interpretation: Mockingbirds are very territorial, which Atticus shows when he tries to protect Jem and Scout from the dangers of not only people, but animals.
C. Claim: Atticus also shows courage especially when he represents a black man in a racist town.
1. Primary Evidence: “I’m simply defending a negro- his name is Tom Robinson” (Lee 75).
2. Interpretation: Mockingbirds try to bring joy and help others no matter what and this situation shows that Atticus holds those qualities.
III. Topic Sentence: Boo Radley is misjudged, but he is giving and protective which is why he resembles a mockingbird.
A. Claim: Boo is misjudged because of his teenage actions that were years ago.
1. Primary Evidence: Jem tells Scout that he thinks that Boo stays in his house because Boo knows that if he was to be seen in public he would be judged by Maycomb citizens (Lee 227).
2. Interpretation: Like a mockingbird, Boo is misjudged and people are scared that he will harm them, but he is actually innocent and loving.
B. Claim: Boo radley is a loving giving man who likes to bring joy to
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