Tom Robinson Misunderstood In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Sometimes when a person is misunderstood, the person ends up being the best role model a kid could have. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are many people that are misunderstood, but to Jem and Scout they are the best role models. Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, and Mr. Dolphus Raymond are misunderstood by the community. As the Finch’s get to know these misunderstood people and see things from their perspective, they start to realize that they are good people. Tom Robinson is misunderstood by the community, but not to the Finch’s and a few other people in the community. Tom Robinson has qualities in him that make him an excellent role model. Atticus is given Tom Robinson’s case and he does his job and defends Tom Robinson because he knows it’s the right thing…show more content…
Boo Radley doesn’t come out of his house unless he is doing something for the kids. Like sewing Jem’s pants and folding them on the fence “I wondered why Atticus was inviting us to the front porch instead of the livingroom, then I understood. The livingroom lights were awfully strong” (Lee 312). This explains that Boo doesn’t go out of his house much, nobody knows if it’s because he is scared of new people or if he is crazy or many other reasons. That one night Boo had the courage to save Jem and Scout from Bob Ewells knowing that there was someone else out there that he didn't feel comfortable with. Scout was taking Boo out to the porch “I led him to the chair farthest from Atticus and Mr. Tate. It was in deep shadow. Boo would feel more comfortable in the dark” (Lee 312). This demonstrates that Boo Radley doesn’t like being in new situations and Scout understands that. Boo had the courage to go save her and her brother so she is acknowledging that it was tough for him to do that. All in all Boo Radley has the courage and would make an awesome role model once you get to look at thing from his
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