Tom Robinson Newspaper Report

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To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
Hadrien Olinger

Newspaper Article
Report on the death of Tom Robinson
Maycomb country
Tom Robinson, accused of rape

People involved in this trial:
Atticus Finch, lawyer of Tom Robinson
Mayella Violet Ewell (19) - says she got raped
Judge Taylor- the judge
Mr Gilmer- lawyer of Mayella Ewell
Tom Robinson (27)- accused of rape

Tom Robinson gets shot dead a few hours after his trial. Had no hope left in him and decided to go for the run. He was accused of raping a white girl. It was the word of a white girl against the word of a black man. He had to put his work against the word of two white people. Even if Tom Robinson was innocent, the word of a white person is always stronger than the name of a black farmer.

Judgment on a Friday, newspaper comes out on the Saturday. Saturday 24th August 1935. Was shot the 23rd August.

Mr Heck Tate gives his account of what happened
He describes the injuries
Bob Ewell gives his account of what happened
Ewell agrees with the description of the injuries Tate gave
Atticus asks Ewell if he can read and write, showing Ewell is ambidextrous.
Scout says “I thought Jem was counting his chickens” showing she is wiser in this case
Mayella Ewell gives his account of what happened
Atticus asks Mayella questions about herself, building up a picture of her neglect. He shows that Mayella doesn’t understand what love means, and it is implied Ewell has beaten her before.
Tom Robinson gives his account
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