Tom Robinson Trial Essay

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The last few weeks in Maycomb County, led a stir of emotions in the town, regarding to Tom Robinson’s case. Tom was convicted of sexually assaulting Bob Ewell’s oldest daughter, Mayella. When the jury made a decision, Tom ended up guilty, and charged to jail. A couple days later, bam! Tom was shot seventeen times in the back and put to death. Although some people in this town believe that he should’ve been sent to jail and shot due to him being black. Regardless, no man or woman of any race or color, should be shot seventeen times in the back for a crime they didn’t even commit. This shouldn’t have ever happened and Tom Robinson did not deserve the kind of treatment that he was getting in court, and all the way to his death. On the day of Tom Robinson’s case, I was there sitting’ in a wooden chair watching on as the case went through. When I saw that Mayella Ewell testify against him, all I could do was shake my head side to side. Shake my head side to side, at the fact that she was spitting’ out lies on this poor, innocent man, who just wanted to help her out. But that cheap, scrawny, bitter, man Bob Ewell, couldn’t bare the fact of her daughter kissin’ a man no…show more content…
When Atticus Finch, Tom’s lawyer, called Mr. Bob Ewell to the stand, you can clearly tell that he was bluffing on the spot. He was bickerin’ and snappin’ at Mr. Finch, and you never really got a true answer on what happened on November 21, except “that negro did it and I saw him hittin’ my daughter”. Beyond the bickerin’ and snappin’ there was a turning point in the case. When Mr. Finch asked Mr. Ewell if he could write. Bluntly, he said yes, and then Mr. Finch asked if he could write his name for everyone to see. He did so and the whole case turned when Judge Taylor, Mr. Finch, and the rest of the courtroom saw that he was writing with his left hand. He was left
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