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There are many things that make the two characters in Tom Sawyer (the book i 'm reading) similar, in this story Tom is slowly maturing. at the beginning of the story Tom is foolish and blithe, but later in the story he is starting to be a real young man.for example now around the twenty’s chapters,he is starting to love a girl named Becky.
I will be writing a compare and contrasting essay about difference between the characters Huckleberry and Tom. Although they have little in common they have plenty of things different about them both. First i will write about their similarities, then i’ll write about Huckleberry; last but not least Tom Sawyer.
There only a couple similarities that Tom and Huckleberry both share,but are both different in many other ways. The first thing that Huckleberry and tom share in common is that the are
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Huckleberry dreaded and, or, hated by mothers in the village.he misleads the boys in the village,such as in the chapter that i’m reading he and Tom are trying to steal treasure from engine joe.he is the foolish and blithe one as the story goes on.
Last but not least Tom Sawyer, who once was blithe but now is starting to care for others. Tom is not as careless and foolish as he was in early chapters of the book,he is maturing as i get further into the the book. An example of this is when Becky rips the teacher’s book for the next class, but does not let get in trouble for it. Instead he tke blame for what Becky has done, he told a lie to the class. The think he has told the truth, he still got his punishment . Becky is very grateful, and tells Tom the truth about what happen to his notebook which he also got in trouble for.
In conclusion, i have written a compare and contrast essay about Huckleberry and tom . although i could only provide a little about their similarities and Huckleberry, i know i have done a decent job with included all that needed to
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