Tom Sawyer Courage Quotes

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Achieving true heroic status requires courage, something Tom Sawyer digs deep to find in order to save Muff Potter. For example, in the trial of Muff Potter, Tom is scared. He is scared because of the night before the trial, he told Muff’s lawyer everything he knew. This took courage because, on the night of the murder, Tom and Huck made a vow never to tell anyone about what they saw. Tom is very superstitious, and he really believes that he may die now that he broke the oath. Also, Tom is terrified of Injun Joe. Even the adults don’t want to deal with him, they should have put him in jail for digging up the grave, but they didn’t. In the passage above, Mark Twain states that Tom is petrified of Injun Joe and that this man is staring at him
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