Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is an novel written in 1876 about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, inspired by the place where Twain lived himself (Hannibal, Missouri). The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an iconic American romance. Tom Sawyer is the eternal child, and as such, he illustrates an obsessive trait of both Mark Twain and American culture. Tom 's behavior belongs in a line of American figures who either seek shelter in childhood or refuse the responsibilities of adult life. Tom Sawyer certainly has an astonishingly bookish character, which is often underappreciated by readers. Most of his pranks and adventures are done by the ideas of human nature. At…show more content…
The adults who are supposed to be authority figures in the church are so awed by Judge Thatcher and so eager to attract his attention and approval that they too begin to behave like children. The room devolves into an absolute spectacle of ridiculous behavior by children and adults alike, culminating in the public embarrassment in which Tom exposes his ignorance of the Bible. Another good example about how Mark Twain human nature method would work is the white washing scene in which Tom tricks his friends pretending that it is fun to paint as he pretends that painting the wall is an great feeling and makes his friends want to try it and not that only , he also gets stuff in exchange of the white washing and another example is that when Tom and his friends pretend dead and then Tom goes to check his relatives and also goes to the funeral to see who misses them or not, this scene also makes the reader realize that Twain has a very good understanding of the human nature because everyone wants to be at their funeral to see who misses them and see the reactions of their beloved ones or the people they did so…show more content…
Reading the “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” the readers, also realize that one important thing in which Mark Twain unites the novel is that, Due to he was an humanist, he always appreciates the nature and always starts the chapter of his book, with some calm introductions for example sunshine’s, beautiful days, sort of heavenly surroundings and as the novel progresses one thing he makes the reader realizes is that Mother Nature is good but human Nature is Romantic and doesn’t make sense, for example the Injun joe scene, the humans are always greedy and want to use others. Due to Mark did not believe in any religion, he was influenced by both Romantics and Realists, but he adjusted that in two different perspectives for example, he was a Romantic in the case of Mother nature and a strict Realist in the case of Humans. Mark Twains methods which make the novel come alive is actually the language as the methods of Mark Twain were that He gets his facts first, and then he distorts them as much as you he pleases, as to the adjectives he states that “When in doubt, strike it out” and last but not least. He uses plains, simple language, short words and brief
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