Tom Sawyer Reflection

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Huckleberry Finn in the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn first significantly mentions the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as main characters, Huck and Finn, are leading the story in the novel. In the first chapter, Huckleberry explains himself as a vagabond who desires and comfortable with an itinerant life. As Tom and Huck found the hidden treasures from the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, they are receiving different treatment than before. Huck now has a foster mother, Widow Douglas, and her sister, Miss Watson, to “civilize” Huck from “uncivilized” life. Nonetheless, his freed life is very foreign compares to the civilized society, and he never wants to be cultivated. Unlike him, both Douglas and Watson would like him to grow up as an educated…show more content…
While Huck is struggling with to keep his freedom, Tom sawyer seems to give a peaceful and adequate solution for those of vexed questions that Huck has to solve but, Tom always tends to take high risks in order to relate his adventure stories to others. Even though he is young, he desired to act like a gang and behave like a mature man who eventually became a leader of “Tom sawyer’s Gang”. Due to Tom’s assurance, Huck seems to highly depends on Tom whenever Huck faces challenges. There is another character Jim, who enters the scene in the book as a slave. He was affiliated in Douglas’s house, and he is very superstitious person. He strongly has a faith in superstition of what Tom have left as a payment of the candle that he stole as a significant token for himself.Tom then reveals his fondness of freak, and it allowed that children with an inborn love of mischief, and delight to pulling pranks on people. Subsequently, in Chapter 2, Tom works out the strategy to way out of the Ms.Douglas’s house with Huck. They set out in search of the non-divisional unit for gang. Tom brought friends together around the
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