The Real Model Boy In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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The Real Model Boy In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer makes many mistakes but what 's important is that he progresses from them. In life you have two choices, you can lie or tell the truth. At the beginning of the book, Tom thought you needed to lie to get ahead in life, but as the book continued, he learned telling the truth is always better. He went through many schemes and adventures and ran away. When he returned, he realized that things didn 't change and he still faced the same problems. He lied to Aunt Polly about a “dream” he had experienced which he learned from hiding under a bed. “Tom disappeared under the bed just in time. He lay and breathed himself for a time, and then crept to where he could almost touch…show more content…
It starts with getting lost in the cave with Becky after a long romantic day they spend together. It pushes him to comfort her fear, and find his way out no matter what. “They rose up and wandered along, hand in hand and hopeless. They tried to estimate how long they had been in the cave, but all they knew was that it seemed days and weeks, and yet it was not plain that this could not be, for their candles were not gone yet.” (226). After they got out and home safely, he and Huck went to find the treasure that was supposedly hidden in the cave. Through the obstacles of spirits, long distance walking, and hard work of digging, they succeed their adventure and discover the treasure that was hidden. “Huck, I always reckoned we’d get it. It’s just too good it’s just too good to believe, but we have got it, sure!” (243). Thrilled with the accomplishment, Tom discourages Huck’s future plans of leaving the Widow because of the living conditions and finding his own way, now that he has a plethora of money. Tom wants Huck to stay with him, and in order to do that, he makes up this gang he’s “making”, and convinces him to stay, just because he doesn’t want to lose him. His mindset benefits him and the people he’s around, creating glee for
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