Tom Soverel's Mistakes

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While there were many errors because of the computer system, other problems were still needing to be addressed. One of these problems was arranging the return of contaminated meat in Rotterdam. A man who ate the meat was diagnosed as having clostridium perfringens. This meant that Ag Department and USDA had to be notified. All of the shipment was found except for one truck with did not have GPS, who was found later at this girl friends house. No one else got sick. They now will have to arrange destroying of the meat and the return logistics to have the meat destroyed. With all the shipments found they can report to the press that there is no risk to the public and averting a public disaster. During the 10 days that Jane was given to fix…show more content…
On her way back to Ocean Plains Eli Gray call her and told her she needed to come to his farm. Chevy Johnson who was flying the plane landed at the farm. The police were there and Uncle Eli was dead. Uncle Eli was given a shot of potassium chloride to bring on a heart attack. His grandson, Zach, saw his killer. The plane that Royal was flying when he died had been taken to a scrap yard and crushed. Lyndord Harlow, a retired FAA NTSB investigator, had told Eli that the plane was sabotaged and Royal had been killed, he had the pictures to prove it. This is why Robert Grooms had killed Eli. Grooms had been hired by Roy Jr. to be head of security for Akers Corporation. Grooms also tried to kill Chevy and planted a boom on the plane that Jane and her family was to use to get back to Ocean Plain after the meeting with Soveral. At the meeting Jane announced that Lenny had sabotaged the computer system, that her father and Eli had been killed. She brought with her Zach to tell the family that he had seen the killer, when he was leaving he saw Grooms and yelled he was the killer of his grandfather. Roy Jr. took the company plane, that Grooms had put a boom on, to run away from his life because he felt guilty about hiring Grooms who killed his father. He was not involved in the killing or the computer sabotage, he just was felt guilty. He crash

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