Tom Stowe's Influence On Religion

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Stowe was greatly influenced by her Christian family since she was young. She also mentions Christianity throughout the novel. Just in the beginning, according to the conversation between the two white men, Tom, the main character of the novel, once had a task to go to Cincinnati to buy something for his master. His master believed that he won’t run away because he was a Christian, and as a Christian, he will keep his promise and be loyal to his master. This is the first time that Christianity appeared and played a role to help readers understand the situation of society and the characters. In the middle of the story, there’s a character that have great emotion that blacks should only be slaves. However, one day, she saw the heaven in her dream and, she changed her opinion to black people when she woke up.…show more content…
All slaves there were treated badly. They were beaten if their work didn’t satisfy the master. Although the master Legree believed in Christianity, he had the bad understanding of it. In the novel, some plantation master use specific doctrine to regulate the slaves and make slavery legal and comply with Christianity. Legree was one of them. Although he was taught about Christianity by his mother when he was young, he didn’t become a master with love and tolerance. He has a terrible temper. He drank a lot in order to avoid the reality because he thought he is guilty to persuade his slaves and believe that God will punish him someday. Stowe showed the readers about the contradiction of the Christianity and slavery through this character. The contradiction not only appears in the latter story, but actually throughout the novel. The whole story was happened because Mr. Shelby wanted to sell some black slaves. This actually disobey the Christian idea that two couple can’t
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