Tom Wigington's Poems, Faithful And True

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Poems, Faithful and True

by, Tom Wigington.

Patiently Waiting

Our Father in Heaven,who cares for us all.
Each and everyone,both great and small.
He hasn't forgotten,not even one.
But waits so that all,might believe in His Son.
Who soon will come,in the clouds up above.
And gather us up,with great hands of love.
To carry us home,with Him to stay.
Where there will be,no end of day.

author, Tom Wigington.


Brave Man

There was a brave man,who walked on this Earth. He entered the world, when a virgin gave birth. Although He was God, He then became man.
So that His Father,could finish the plan.
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Tom W.

Second Coming

Jesus is coming,again real soon.
It could be morning,day,night or noon.
He will not tarry,He'll not delay.
To come and change,these bodies of clay.
Into the people,we should have been.
In the twinkle of an eye,we'll be like Him.

author, Tom Wigington.

More Than A Friend

They say the dog is man's best friend,I'll have to disagree.
He's much more than a friend,he's part of my family.
Dogs are awesome creatures,unique in every way.
He's there to greet me,when I wake,and all throughout my day.
And when someday I leave this Earth,and fly up in that sky!
My dog's will all be there to greet me,tails all wagging high.

author, Tom Wigington.

Latter Days

This World is coming,to a close I know.
The way we know it,this much is so.
Christ is coming,to renew all things.
And to change His people,into heavenly beings.
The World says no,that's just not true.
But it really will happen,to me and to you.
So be not discouraged,do not dismay.
Christ is coming,it could be today.

author, Tom
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That day is close,now right at hand. The coming of.the Son Of Man. I look forward,that day to come. For I will see,God's blessed Son. In front of Him,I'll surely stand. To be judged,like all of

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