Character Analysis Of Tom Wingfield In The Glass Menagerie

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Tom Wingfield, as depicted in the Tennessee Williams play “The Glass Menagerie”, is a complicated, complex, and complete character. Tom spent the entirety of play, and before, thirsting for independence, and taking whatever opportunities he had to escape his miserable home where his mother hovered and judged his every waking breath. Some students, even today, being 80 years in the future, can relate themselves to Tom. His character arc is evident through not only his words but also the way he treats his family, particularly his mother. The perception of Tom’s character, as well as his goals and whether or not they were accomplished, is dependent on the reader and how they perceived what happened. Throughout Tennessee Williams’ play, the main…show more content…
After his mother attacks him for the last time. After Tom says for the last time that he’s going to the movies, Amanda’s response is “Go to the movies, go! Don 't think about us, a mother deserted, an unmarried sister who 's crippled and has no job! Don 't let anything interfere with your selfish pleasure I just go, go, go - to the movies!” (7.7.20-4). To end the play, Tom says himself that he went further than his mother told him to, and “found companions”. Although he might not be a multi millionaire entrepreneur, it is still apparent that he is happier than he was before. In Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” Tom’s character is complete by the end of his story. His inner conflict is obvious, and is also relatable to students even today. The nightmarish, withdrawn, and unrealistic environment wore Tom down as time went on. Amanda never understood Tom, and that only made him more angry and frustrated with his issue. An opportunity for Tom presented itself at the end, and Tom took it, and left his family. Although Amanda and Laura heavily disapproved, and Tom was not extremely successful, he was still happier than he was when he lived in his miserable house of

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