Tom Ziegler's Short Story: Amelia Howards

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Isn’t it scary how one word, one look, or one moment can change everything? Tom Ziegler once said, “You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life”, yet I don’t think this is feasible to my situation because it’s impossible to earn just one good day when you’re fighting for your life every single day. No, my story isn’t about me being affected a from cancer or an unfortunate holocaust destruction such as a fire. My story is much worst and the pain will cause you to grimace in fear and sympathy. I’m Amelia Howards and this is my story. It all started on a fall afternoon. The wind gushed through my body sending icy chills up my back. I quickly tightened the hood of my army green jacket as I could feel my teeth chattering.…show more content…
I looked over the open window to scrutinize his face more closely. I examined his cold bloodshot eyes staring at me with pure hatred. His face was whitewashed and his open mouth reeked of alcohol even though I could see the mint gum in the back as a “cover up.” All the precise details added up to my meticulous fear: drunk driving. As a reflex of my fear, my feet retrogressed away from the car. But it was no use, Alex was gone, the students, and the teachers by now too. I hesitated as I opened the back door and clipped on my seat belt right…show more content…
“You’re fine, your fine. You flew from the windshield of your car and severely injured, but luckily you only fell unconscious and lost some blood. Your dad however, did not make it, I’m extremely sorry.” A woman in black jacket assured me, who I am assuming was the Paramedic. By god’s miracle, I was impervious to any serious damage but what about the other car. The realization that I put someone’s life on risk hit me like shattered glass. George was a cruel two faced man who showed his duplicity through this incident. Not only did he put his own life and my life in danger, but he jeopardized the lives of other innocent people. So, I really didn’t feel any sorrow for him. “Did anybody else in the vehicle… get hurt?” I held onto to my breath as her face went pale. “Unfortunately, a young girl around the age of four or five was in the car and her older brother was in the car. Her brother made it, but…” she looked away as tears tricked down her eyes and she pointed to the right. I ambled to the direction she pointed, but pit stopped as I saw a white sheet over a small lifeless girl on the gurney. My throat felt dry as my brain tried to manage what was happening. Tears gushed down within in seconds of the

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