Tommy Angelo Character Analysis

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Slitting the throat is one of the most effective and quickest ways of killing a person. Revenge is a trait that may or may not cause somebody to slit another’s throat. That was the case in the diluted, yet tepid, mind of Tommy Angelo. The story all begins in 1905 in the town of Cremona, Italy. Tommy Angelo was an Italian boxer who resided in Cremona most of his life. Boxing was Tommy’s passion in life, and he strived to be the best he could be. He worked hard in the sport of boxing to keep food on the table. He could have been successful and been one of the greatest boxers of all time; however, there was another boxer that incommoded his boxing career. Interfering with his boxing career was another Italian boxer by the name of Vito Scaletta. Both of the boxers grew up together in the same town most of their life. In the year of 1947, Tommy moved to New York City to remove himself from the boxing world and to get Vito Scaletta out of his life. Trying to pursue the American dream, Tommy opened up a barber shop in downtown Manhattan called Angelo’s Barber Shop. He bought the building from an old mafia member he used to know back in Cremona, Italy. Towering skyscrapers surrounded the small building and people…show more content…
What have I done!” Without any hesitation, he called the police, and ¬they rushed over to the barber shop. Tommy explained what happened in detail and did not lie about anything. The police were absolutely shocked when they heard about what happened. They were so surprised that he turned himself in. Tommy tried to explain that he turned himself in because he is a really nice guy, but something took him over and didn’t know why. Even though Tommy is a good person, they put hand cuffs on him and shoved him into the back of the police car. The police car drove off into the dark and stormy night, until all that was seen was red brake lights that were barely seen with the pouring down
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