Tomorrow When The War Began Character Analysis

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In the novel, Tomorrow When The War Began, by John Marsden is about eight teenagers who confronted a situation that is out of their security and are trying to save their families. Fi, Homer, and Ellie are few of the characters that showed courageousness in the novel; finding out their unknown courage, taking risks, and not giving up to everything that happens. It is some of John Marsden’s message about courage. The characters also demonstrate it while they were in conflict with the soldiers who invaded their town and imprison their families in the Showground.

Courage is what Ellie has that she never thought she had. Ellie’s courageous and heroic actions are when they are checking out Showground with Kevin and Corrie, rescuing Robyn and Lee out of the town, and blowing up the lawnmower and the bridge. She discovers her courage when they are attempting to get in the Showground to see what was happening. However, there are too many soldiers, so they immediately slipped across the road. It was only one step to the light that would make them noticeable to the watchers and get caught. “That was the first moment at which I started to realize what true courage was...” (79). True courage is when you are able to overcome your fear and do things that need to be done regardless of how you feel and what you think. The second courageous action
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We see it through the characters actions and how they are able to face the catastrophic situation. Courage is very significant not only in the novel but also to myself and other people this day because it shows us how we are able to find courage when we need it and do surprising things in a scary situation. Courage is likewise something that influences and impacts us sometimes in our life
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