Tomorrow When The War Began Essay

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‘You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships until both have been tested by adversity.’ A saying stated by J.K Rowling, the famous British Novelist. Throughout John Marsden’s novel , Tomorrow When the War Began, we witness the changes, the affects on ones personality and development bought upon the characters when facing a challenge and how they decide to tackle, adjust and think diversely as a result of it. This book is about how 7 ordinary teenagers who are living peacefully in the small town of Wirrawee, suddenly are made to confront a new circumstance of war and intrusion. Out of those seven characters, today I would be talking about Kevin Holmes, the eldest of the batch and the one considered to be the most rural and how he has developed throughout this novel with the use of techniques and his relationships. At the beginning of the book Kevin is portrayed to be selfish, someone with a big ego and a lot of fears. Kevin states through the use of dialogue and repetition: ‘God no, help, there’s creepy crawlies everywhere! Get them off me! Get them off me!’ This helps on…show more content…
However as the book progresses we witness a growing hatred that Kevin has for the soldiers. This is expressed through emotive language: Let them walk in and take everything they want, everything our parents have worked for. This highlights how honestly Kevin speaks of the soldiers as he is annoyed and livid by the fact that people of a random country had suddenly decided to take over and ruin the possessions that belonged to him, his ancestors and his country in which they had put their blood, sweat and tears into building. His detestation is also been exposed by the tone and repetition interweaved within the following words : I hate them. This is used to emphasise on how Kevin feels about the soldiers ‘ I don’t know why you’re all being so understanding. I just hate them and I want to kill them all and if I had a nuclear bomb I’d drop it right down their
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