Tomorrow When The War Began John Marsden

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This story ‘Tomorrow when the War began,’ by John Marsden is about Australia being invaded by another country. Due to this invasion a character Ellie and her friends become isolated from their families in Wirrawee. The group of teenagers are imposed to discover their hidden strengths and learn important values and lessons about the real world they live in. These values and lessons begin with gaining courage and strength, learning how to fend for themselves when they come to a point where there is just them to fight for their country. To be more in depth of this novel it starts off when a group of teenagers come back from camp and slowly start to realize that something is terribly wrong, that their country has been invaded. When Ellie and her…show more content…
Love is shown by Ellie through her undecided love between Lee and Homer. When Fi falls in love with Homer, Ellie realizes that Homer has just been a brother she had always wanted and who she doesn’t want to lose and she soon realizes that her true love is with another character Lee. Ellie’s dilemma shows how females can often mistake friendship for love, as well as show the reader that love is possible even in war situations. In my opinion I would recommend this story to my age group If you would want to read about change in teenager’s life when it comes to them one morning waking up to an invasion and having to living on their own. This novel is filled with unexpected happenings and surprises that’ll make you thrive you to read it till the end. Tomorrow when the war began tells a story about a group of teenagers who one day return home from camp to find out that their country has been invaded and now had to live on their own. Ellie the particular main character in the story starts off as a normal Australian teenager and as time passes living on their own she acts the roles of a mature adult. This story lastly shows you relationships between teenagers love and fighting for their
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