Tomorrow When The War Began

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Tomorrow When the War Began is a novel by Australian Author John Marsden. Published in 1993, it tells the story of a group of seven teenagers led by the main character Ellie, who narrates the events that happen in the novel. The group goes to a place called Hell to camp and when they come back their lives are changed forever, their homes and town are abandoned and they soon discover they are at war. They struggle to fight for survival and to save their friends and family as the twisted morality of war strain their relationships and test their loyalty. Before the invasion the group had no cares in the world. When they go camping they are worrying about their future, what job they’ll have, who they will marry, how many kids they’ll have and all the other small details. They got very lazy.…show more content…
When the invasion started the group was worried about what happened to their families but they soon discover that the invaders are treating everyone (who didn’t resist) well and feeding them because they want a ‘clean invasion’ to try and stop the U.S. and U.N. from getting involved so it be quick and clean because homeland is overpopulated. “We’ve got all this land and all these resources, and yet there’s countries a cows spit away that have people packed away like battery Hens.” Page 170. This is Robyn’s perspective of the invasion but not all of the group share this view, such as Kevin who views it in a less religious and more violent and hateful way. “You sound like you don’t mind. You think it’s fair enough, do you? Let them walk in and take everything they want, everything our parents have worked for. Help yourself guys don’t mind us.” Page 170 Kevin speaking his mind about Robyn’s religious views. The invasion is changing the group in their fight for
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