Tom's Appearance In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Thomas Robinson --- his full name, is mentioned for the first time. It is consistent with the solemn atmosphere in the court. It is the first appearance of Tom, although the other characters have been talking about him for over 10 chapters. Tom 's appearance becomes a turning point of the case. His genuineness is directly presented to the reader. As a reader, I am more confident that he is innocent of the crime, after comparing him with filthy Bob Ewell. Tragically, Tom cannot make himself believed by characters in the story. He lives in an pitiful age when prejudice becomes standard.

Tom meets difficulties even from coming into the court and vowing to the Bible. He testifies that he was helping Mayella repair the door. Suddenly, she hugged and kissed him. Tom was scared of the predicament. Mr. Ewell saw them through the window. He drove Tom away and scolded Mayella.

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It turns out that Mayella had carefully planned her actions. She had sent the other children away to buy ice cream. It is forbidden for a white woman to intimately touch a black man, but Mayella was challenging such
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