Case Study Graves Disease

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Tom has multiple health issues such as Hyperthyroidism caused by Graves disease, anaemia, depressed pituitary hormones and with a gastroscopy it has been discovered that he has a large benign gastric ulcer which gastritis and bleeding. Upon presentation he has suffered weight loss which has lead to Tom to be in an anorexic state, nausea, severe hypertension, confusion and depression. It is known that hyperthyroidism produces hormones that control the human body’s metabolic processes. This includes heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and weight. This then leads for them to fluctuate uncontrollably. In this case study, discussion regarding treatment, multidisciplinary teams, cover complexity and needs for Tom and referrals he may need…show more content…
The team involved for care of Graves disease may include Toms general practitioner, endocrinologist, a dietician, and a psychologist. A general practitioner will be able to advise Tom on specialists he is able to visit and book in with, and also assist Tom with potentially getting his thyroid removed or provide radioactive iodine to destroy all or a small part of the thyroid to get temporary (or permanent) relief from his signs and symptoms he is experiencing. A dietician is able to create a well balanced meal plan that ensures Tom is getting adequate nutrients is being ingested in order to prevent further weight loss, muscle deterioration and anaemia. A psychiatrist may be able to assist Tom with stress and give suitable coping mechanisms in order for Tom to be able to live a comfortable life with a healthy mental state of mind. Another contributing factor is treatment of hyperthyroidism. If the non-invasive methods do not work, there are antithyroid medications that can prevent the thyroid from producing excessive amounts of the hormones T3 and T4. There is methimazole, propylthyiouracil, potassium iodine and sodium iodide-i-131 systemic just to name a few. Doctors or pharmacists may also suggest Beta Blockers as they can reduce the rapid heart rate, palpations and high blood pressure that most…show more content…
For example, we are able to give him information in regards to his alcohol abuse by suggesting he calls up and speaks to an addiction helpline. This may include, and life line to name a few. We can also offer counselling sessions so he is able to confront his issues and discuss his depression and
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