Tom's War: A Short Story

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One peaceful day my friend Tom was playing with me. a normal day, a quiet day. We were getting bored so we decided to play Star Wars. It quickly became a fun time bounding around picturing droidicons and battle droids with warships overhead. "come on! more droids are coming!" I shouted to Tom. "don't worry, I just sliced like 20!" he replied. We continue to fight the imaginary robots with our lightsabers and fly starships for the rest of recess. Me and Tom would always play games like this. Whether we would fight Sith lords or bring The Joker to justice, we always had a lively time. I believed it would last forever. It was yet another day, a windy day. I soon found myself alone, Tom was playing with some new friends he had. They like Pokemon, and I…show more content…
"You said you would play with me today!" I complained at lunch, "Tomorrow, I promise," Tom threw out. This pattern of him not doing anything with me continued and after almost 2 weeks I became enraged. I approached Tom to tell him how I felt, and he just claimed to hate me and that he wanted me to leave him alone. This shocked me, so I just walked away in silence. Tom and I not being friends anymore almost instantaneously sparked a rivalry between the two of us. I had an incredibly hard time finding friends since, well, I had no experience. Tom just kind of became my friend easily since he was new too. I felt singled out, I made no friends and spent my recess' being angry at Tom for never playing with me. I became angry with loneliness until I just gave up. I stopped trying to have a friend, I figured no-one would want to be friends with what I had become. I didn't care anymore, I had come to picture everyone as a jerk. Which got me into a lot of fights and my attitude just drove my teachers crazy. I even started thinking suicidal thoughts. I had fantasies of killing myself. The school found out about this and they wanted me to take drugs for it and other
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