Tonald Drump Rhetorical Analysis

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Imagine an entire planet that is self-sustatinable, peace loving, as well as cooperative with one another. Like any planet with intelligent species this planet has its fair share of problems and challenges. One of those challenges that the alien planet faces is exactly like our planets version of a radical right-wing movement, or coalition, that intends to bring make the use of their planets natural resources, remove illegal (unwanted) aliens, and change the basis of which that planet does business. The coalition's leaders' name is Tonald Drump. He is an arrogant, bombastic fellow, who very much loves to hear himself speak non-sense. His ideology flip flops the way the wind changes, but for some odd reason he is connecting with masses of aliens and potentially a nominee for the presidency of the planet's most powerful country. The politics of this planet are akin to reality shows on our planet. This alien is not a viable candidate in the least bit, but is leading most major polls, how does this make any sense?…show more content…
Building a border around yourself trying to shield yourself from illegal aliens who for the most part benefit the country and due their equal share should not be chastised and touted as that countrie's biggest problem. Rhetoric like that is very dangerous and adds to the division of a populace that should work together for the betterment of all, not just the few. As you all should know, I am writing about Donald Trump, the reason I chose to base my thread around him is because I feel his views are outlandish and incredibly self-serving. He is running for president because of his ego, and that ego will lead this country to a much far worse place than we perceive we are
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