Tone And Mood In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Why are are tone and mood important in a novel or story such as Night about the holocaust? The tone and mood help build up the characters, themes, and emotions and sometimes the setting. It adds an effect and enhances the text. The tone provides a steady building block for the reader. As you can say, it enhances the text with thoughts and emotion of the character. of the character. Because of the tone, it also may cause the reader to feel a certain way.The tone and mood are very essential to a book. Without the tone or mood , you would basically be reading a dictionary. The mood shifts between many emotions, such as when eliezer finds “light in the darkness” when he hears the violin playing. Then he becomes sad when his father dies. He changes with the tone and mood frequently. “I shall never forget Juliek! How could I forget…show more content…
The tone helps the reader build the characters life story, and how they feel at a certain time. Sometimes the author may put figurative language to portray what the character is feeling, and sometime if the text is extravagant, it may cause the reader to feel the same way, such as this quote, “One more stab to the heart, one more reason to hate. One less reason to live.” (page 109). This is such a powerful emotion of hatred toward something that is very sad, such as when Eliezer lost his father. The tone and mood enhance the text by adding detail and facts. It also adds a different type of “character” to the story. “I did not weep, and it hurt me that I could not weep. But I was out of tears.” (page 112). Emotions like this enhance the feeling of the text and changes how things are inferred. Imagine the tone and mood are the center of the universe, the wonders of how things are created, or the juiciest part of a burger. Without the meat, the burger(story) is just lame, and no one wants to eat(read) it. The mood and tone are building blocks to the theme, and the whole novel, or
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