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Tone Clusters’s drama by Joyce Carol Oates tell about middle-age marriage couple, Frank Gulicks and Emily Gulicks who are being interviewed on their son’s (Carl Gulicks) suspect of a murder case. Carl Gulicks arrested and ready for his trial of being suspected for mutilation, sadistic murder and sexual assault of fourteen-years-old girl, she is Edith Kaminsky. Furthermore, the parents kept insisting their certainly that their son is innocent, even though being displayed with many evidences of witness statements, verification of his alibi and confiscation of extensive collection of military literature and pornographic magazine that strongly lead his possibility of being a murderer and also it can be reliable that there is sexual behaviour disorder in Carl Gulicks’s soul. This study would like to expose about the paraphilia as abnormal sexual behaviour in the Tone Cluster which bring Carl Gulicks as the model. To analyse this study, first, the readers should know about human sexual behaviour, it will conduct to understand this study. In this world, human could not avoid themselves from sexual behaviour because it is the way that human can express their sexuality. There are many variety of…show more content…
This can be called as natural behaviour. However, this person could also get aroused by risky talk or while the person touches them in an erotic manner. Each type of paraphilia is classified by individual on the level of exclusivity the person demonstrates for it. Many psychologists try to find forms of behaviour to characterize the "levels" of paraphilia to amount how much the paraphilia affects the individual. Most psychologists agree that there are three levels of paraphilia exclusivity. Those are level one (reffered to as "standard", "optional", and "low level"), level two (referred to as "preferred" and "mid-level") and level three (Referred to as "focused", "exclusive", and "high

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