Tone In Desiree's Baby

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“Desiree’s Baby” is a short story by Kate Chopin. “Desiree’s baby” is a story about a family in the era where the colored were neglected and treated poorly. Desiree was abandoned and left as a baby. When she was adopted she grew up in a very wealthy family. Armand and Desiree have known each other ever since they were little so when they grew up they got married. Desiree’s parents disagreed to their marriage and didn 't let their daughter leave and ruren the name of the family. So Desiree and Armand left regardless to what her parents say and got a home that can be described as a sad looking place. As time went on living by themselves Desiree had found out that she was pregnant. When Armand found out he was filled with joy and excitement. When…show more content…
In the story of “Desiree’s baby” there are a lot of examples of tone. Tone is the way the author expresses his attitude through his writing. In “Desiree’s baby” the word “pall” is a cloth that is spread over a coffin or hearse. Chopin chooses imagery that shows the dark nature of the L’Abri plantation. The “sad.” “wide,” “black,” aspect of the house, and the description of the “solemn oaks” creates an ominous tone. Madame Valmonde’s shivering suggests that the L’Abri plantation is dark, cold, and ghostly place. Further, the way the plantation looks musicians Armand’s own certerristics just as Desiree’s external appearance mimics her internal character ( Another example of tone in “Desiree’s Baby” is “in the shadow of the big stone pillar….”. In rural Louisiana, a massive stone pillar would seem fairly conspicuous. So, readers should see the pillar as a clear simbal in this short story. Consider that baby Desiree’s placement in the dark shadows of the pillar represents the mysterious circumstances of her birth. Her past is unknown to both the reader and the Valmondes, macing a tone of secrecy and mystery. As the pillar stands at the gates of the Valmonde estate, it also resemble the family’s riches and Desiree’s wealthy care
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