Tone In Robert Frost's Home Burial

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If the audience can figure out the theme of a story the author has done a successful job of telling their piece. The theme in a story is its underlying message, or 'big idea’ basically the main subject.The theme of any literary work is the base that acts as a foundation for the entire literary piece. For example, The main theme in the play Romeo and Juliet was love with smaller themes of sacrifice, tragedy, struggle, hardship, devotion and so on.Tone “refers to the quality of the language the speaker uses in social situations or in a poem, and it also refers to a speaker’s intended effect”. The tone of a poem can be best described through emphasizing on certain emotions or feelings through words and phrases. “Home Burial" represents Robert Frost era beginning early in the twentieth century. "Home Burial" is about a married couple who has lost a child, a situation far more common, perhaps, than any of us would highly relate to. Robert Frost paints a picture for us in two different ways of grieving the death of an infant through the mother and father. Amy the mother is physically much closer to her child through labor and nurturing, she is unable to move on when the baby dies. Amy wants the world to stand still; she wants the baby's life to matter. She cannot live her life as if the baby did not live. The relationship between Amy and her husband is rough with tension, as each is grieving the loss of their child.…show more content…
Thesis: In Robert Frosts “Home Burial” the tone of sadness is conveyed with the themes of Language/Communication, Gender, and Death contribute to the authors word choice and order, visual imagery and
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