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Unbroken is a book that follows the heroic and tragic tale of Louis Zamperini; from when he was an Olympic runner to his time in the U.S. military as a bombardier. Laura Hillenbrand retells his riveting nonfiction tale. Throughout the book Hillenbrand vividly retold Louis life with many enrapturing photos and maps. Laura Hillenbrand expertly recounted the life of Louis Zamperini in this third person account. She wrote this book for an audience of people who are interested in the life of Louis Zamperini and the hardships some bombardiers faced throughout World War 2. In her book, Hillenbrand incorporates a forceful tone. One example of when she uses this forceful tone is during her recount of Louis’s encounters with “The Bird”. During these accounts Zamperini underwent extreme abuse, therefore the author best tried to recreate the situation for the reader with words that were strong and blunt in meaning. Hillenbrand also portrays Zamperini's life in a clear and coherent manner. The book chronologically follows his life and includes photos …show more content…

The book begins with Louis troublesome childhood and then proceeds to expand on how he got into track and the ramifications it had on his life. Next, Louis continues to compete in the Olympic trials and eventually the Berlin Olympics. Louis had great aspirations of winning the Olympics after his failure in Berlin. Unfortunately, Zamperini never quite achieved this goal due to the cancellation of the 1940 Tokyo Olympics. Thus, Zamperini enlisted in the army and became a bombardier. Eventually, Louis airplane will go down and he will embark on a long enduring journey through the perils of the ocean and abuse by Japanese military officials. Until his liberation many years later Louis body experienced extreme mental and physical torture. Louis Zamperini’s heroic journey is a beacon of light among the many tragedies of World War

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