Tone Reflection In Shakespeare's Henry VIII

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In Shakespeare's Henry VIII, the allusion of Lucifer, metaphors on life and several tone shifts convey Cardinal Wolsey reactions from losing his appointment ranging from sarcasm, hope, despair, anger, and back to sarcasm. If it was anyone else then they would probably go through the same kind of tone shifts as well. Who wouldn’t go through a ton of tone changes when you just get fired and left alone. As you go through this play you will hear the hardships that Wolsey went through. The first tone that you encounter while reading this passage is sarcasm. He is saying farewell. Bye, you did very little for me. He doesn’t feel appreciated in this story. Then in line four he states that tomorrow will be a start to a new day, a change, hope for…show more content…
He had a flashback from when he was a little wanton boy. On line ten There is another tone change and it’s sad. It’s a sad tone change because the line says his job wrecked him. It tore him down. On line sixteen there is another line change is anger. He’s angry because he feels like he’s been betrayed but his heart is new. He says he’s sorry for them because of what they do. Line nineteen says we all aspire to put on this face so everyone believes us. On line twenty two he uses Lucifer as an allusion. He refers to him to as a deceptive evil person. He feels like he is an evil person and there is no hope in going back again. He feels like this with him getting dismissed from his job just made his life fell like nothing. He feels like Lucifer. There is one last tone shift and that is back to sarcasm on line twenty three when it says ‘Never to hope again’. There are many tone shifts, an allusion, and some figurative language in this creative piece of work Henry VIII by William Shakespeare. The many tone shifts include: sarcasm, dispari, happy, sad, anger, and then back to sarcasm. I know if I was to get fired or dismissed from my job I would probably go through the same things he did. Wolsey went through some tough some severe suffering in the piece and he felt like he was a horrible person and he didn’t think anyone would want
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