Toni Morrison Accomplishments Essay

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The Life and Accomplishments of Toni Morrison Toni Morrison was the first African- American women to win the Nobel Prize in 1993. She has considerable literary talents which voiced her passionate concerns about the condition of African- Americans, which as mostly women and stressed the importance of equality. She is known for her epic themes and richly detailed characters that reflected her passionate concerns for African-Americans, particularly women. Toni Morrison was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain Ohio. Her real name is Chloe Anthony Wofford, she grew up during the Great Depression which has a lot of difficulties and economic hardships which led to her father working three jobs to support the family, which lasted for about seventeen…show more content…
Another piece of her work that connect with her personal life would be the novel called "Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination" and it 's a novel in which she calls for critics to observe the way white American authors use Africanist characters which would somewhat define blackness, the connection it has with her life is basically the same as before, which is her whole perspective of African-Americans and equality and as said the condition of Contemporary African-Americans which is particularly women. That being said, last but not least another piece of her work that connects with her life is the novel "A Mercy" because it 's about war and how there were economic hardships and struggles during that time, and how a veteran who must battle poverty during that time, and how a veteran who must battle poverty and troubling childhood memories. This connects with Toni because she grew up during the Great Depression and suffered a lot of economic hardships. In conclusion, Toni Morrison an African-American novelist, editor, and professor has achieved many phenomenal success just by going with what she believed in which was the role of African-Americans received critical and popular commentaries, which led her to be the first African-American female to win the Nobel Prize for a
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