Toni Morrison Beloved Response Essay

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Kamryn Delph 5th Hour AP English Literary Reduction Title: Beloved Author: Toni Morrison Date of Publication: 2004 Genre: Realism Writing Style: Realistic Point of View: Third person omniscient Setting/Atmosphere: The house, 124, and the school teacher's house Plot Development: This story begins at 124 and we meet some of the characters. We find out that Sethe is a runaway slave with her children. She killed one of her kids and tried to kill the rest to save them from going back to slavery. Once her kids got older they find out what their mother did and are scared of her. Characters: Sethe- A runaway slave who killed one of her kids that now haunts her. Beloved- Sethe’s daughter that died. Baby Suggs- The grandmother who is very nurturing.
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