Toni Morrison Controversy

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Developing who she was around the time of the Great Depression, Toni Morrison had inspiring stories that reflected her childhood. During her life there has been some hardships and times where she has had to be strong. Toni Morrison was a highly educated women whose stories Beloved and The Bluest Eye are two of her most controversial stories. She made adjustments but stood up for what she believed in. Growing up as an African-American female during the US civil rights movement, Toni Morrison became a controversial author because she shares her life experiences that generates intense critical reaction. As a child, Toni Morrison 's parents sheltered her from the fear of the whites during the Great Depression. Her parents taught her to be a proud…show more content…
Morrison’s works cause intense reactions from critics. There were reactions from rock bottom to sky high. New York Times thought Beloved was an outstanding novel: “a work of mature imagination- a magisterial deeply moving meditation not only on the cruelties of a single institution, but on family, history, and love” (Novels for students 40). Not all thoughts on her books were as extraordinary as New York Times, some were rather grievous. Critics believed that this book was taken into many levels of racism. They also felt as if Morrison 's concerns were only on her race and not that of the whites. Morrison had no hesitation in showing how she felt about her childhood past. Her book The Bluest Eye was also tossed around with controversy. In 2015, The Bluest Eye was ranked fourth on the ALA’s banned books list. The reasons for being banned are for the way it heavily talks about racism, incest, poverty and violence. In the story a black girl is told to overcome rape and negative self-image. Those of the public thought that the students should not be reading such nonsense. The people were either very for or against the banning of this book. Few people thought that it was good for the students because of how detailed and descriptive Morrison had talked about the scene of
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