The Bluest Eye And Beloved Analysis

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Toni Morrison is the most important contemporary women novelists and critics in African-American Literature.The descriptive-analytical method of study by analyzing the situations, the characters and themes, the status of women in Literature are revealed and represented. Morrison very well describes how different women characters react and respond differently to the injustice and the inhumanity imposed on them in African-American society.
African American writers are concerned with the lack of literature fostering strong female models. These women are bonded by their journey to overcome the internalization of controlling patriarchal perceptions and images of women, like the repressive stereotypes that permeate literature. Toni Morrison use of binary oppositional characters, mirrors, inversions, and metafiction, to deconstruct the stereotypical roles of both men and women, underscoring the role that literature plays in creating self-identity problems when women try to imitate fictional characters. The reader is forced to re-examine literary icons and their role in the real world. Morrison is not intent upon merely affirming the existence of the fear , frustration ,
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The ecofeminist stimulates the global activities in appreciating feminism is also dealed . Toni Morrison’s novels, The Bluest Eye and Beloved is the lights of black feminism, racism, realism and naturalism. It is an attempt to reflect the powerlessness, cruelty and pains that women of color went through. The Bluest Eye and Beloved is to identify problems that women face in the society. This is about the subjection of women and their dependence in the environment as slaves. Eco-feminists argues for the indentical of those women to sputter this opponent. The suffocate of women is excused in this Eco-feminism. Our attitude towards each other depends on attitude of other beings in the natural
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