Toni Morrison's The Bully-Personal Narrative

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Tris had kept quiet throughout the ride. Not because he feared retribution from the goons sitting guard over them... he knew enough about the psychology of the bully to know too much deference only made them worse... but because at that moment it suited him to have them think he was in a state of shock and fear. He was far from a coward, but even further from being an idiot, and only an fool of the first water would have attempted any kind of escape when he and Ms Dwight were trussed, and had the barrels of guns pointed at them. His strategy was to watch and wait... professional as these guys might be, he had not encountered one of their type yet that never made mistakes. The trick was to be ready. "And to think I took this crappy job,"…show more content…
Not only did the assholes ignore her uncomfortable position, they had the gall to make fun of her. Also the fact that she was the only female in the vehicle made her feel claustrophobic. She tried getting up again, not caring if she was hurting Rocking, yet she couldn't. She was aware of the exposure of her midriff and also that her skirt had ridden up, revealing her legs. If the men leering at her had made her feel vulnerable, the way they were looking at her now made her almost cry. One of the men caught that scared glint in her eyes and made a great act of adjusting his pants - which had a suspicious bulge to it - while smirking lewdly at her. She unconsciously pressed herself against…show more content…
Those aren't granny panties, you fool. They are boy shorts. Well, your lack of differentiating ladies' underwear gives a huge idea about your experience with them. The fool continued with his banter with Rocking while Elizabeth felt her eyes droop. Her earlier exhaustion had multiplied with all this drama going on. She fought to keep herself awake but Rocking's thighs were very comfortable. Hard yet soft. She guessed every muscle of his body was in that way. And with that thought, sleep took over senses. There was no avail trying to fight it
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