Tonier's Life Story Analysis

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Tonier has a very touching life story. When so many do not make it, it is refreshing and uplifting to see the Toniers of the world. Her story just confirms the issues present in our criminal justice system. Her story has provided an insight on what it is like being a female prisoner. She was just as vulnerable in the system as she was on the outside. In the beginning Tonier reveals her troubled childhood. She believes that this is the root cause that led her on such a tragic life journey. Tonier’s abusive childhood led her to abuse drugs to numb the pain, addiction in return introduced her into the criminal justice system. Bing in the system was just as abusive as her life on the outside. Like Greg, the system failed Tonier. Her tales of incarceration…show more content…
Cain has currently held positions such as; The former team leader for the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care, with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, an advocate who speaks on trauma, incarceration, and recovery, featured and produced several documentaries, featured in many articles, guest on talk shows, and the founder and President of “Neen Cares, Inc.”. Many people would ask how she transformed from her hopeless life to a life filled with positivity and willingness to help so many. “Everything that happened to use as a child, happened to you, you did not do to yourself” (Healing Neen, 2010). These were they first words Tonier would hear in the program T.A.M.A.R (trauma, addictions, mental health, and recovery) and she believed it. She entered this program from jail as a way to keep her unborn child. More programs such as this is desperately needed in order for these women to form a foundation to build upon to one day understand themselves that they too are somebody and can be whatever they work hard for. In the film Healing Neen, trauma is the main theme that has affected so many in the system. Many women reveal the feelings of hopelessness and being powerless. They feel as though they are worth nothing and they do not know how to make good decisions for themselves because the drugs are considered an effective numbing treatment. Siting in a small cell is only further damaging. They need to feel safe and have assurance that guidance is going to stick around. Many are crying out not to be heard and so many want to change and do not know how or have the resources available. When this happens the cycle continues. Underlining issues such as trauma are important to treat in an effective manner. Band-Aids will do nothing more than eventually fall off. There are programs that are meant to help and caring people who offer advice but many are not penetrating the surface. Maybe they are not dissecting and reaching the core
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