Book Report For Of Mice And Men

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The plot: Lennie and George are migrant workers during the Great Depression. When the novel opens, they 're on their way to work on a ranch in California. Instead of going straight to the ranch, they camp by the river for the night and talk about their dream of one day having their own ranch. And that dream is central in the text. George is a small man with strong and sharp features. Lennie his friend is his opposite, he is a giant of a man with a shapeless face. George has to look out for Lennie whose mental disability makes him both childish and generous. Lennie loves petting soft things but accidentally kills them, and the fact that Lennie loves petting soft things was the reason why they had to flee from their last job, because Lennie tried to touch a womans soft dress and was acussed for rape.…show more content…
For example Curley, the boss son. He quickly takes a disliking to Lennie, because he gets jealous on Lennie because he is bigger and stronger. Curly has a wife who is very lonely, and search for attention around the bunkhouse where the men lives. Slim is the skinner, and is on of the few who understand the importanes of the conradship between Lennie and George. And then we have Candy. Candy is a old man, who has a old dog. Candys work mates convinced him that the dog should be shot. When the dog is shot Candy is lonely, and therefore wants to be a part of Lennie and Georges plans of owning there own
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