A Blind Woman Analysis

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A blind woman fall in love with an ordinary man. Who was never giving up with an anger girl? The main idea of this movie is on how you will understand the world full of problems. Two people that destiny makes there world as one. On the story you will see that LEA is helping an ordinary broken hearted man and that is TONIO . Tonio is a broken hearted man that slightly lost on his mind. That’s the time when the destiny of this two person starts a big change on perception and their view of life of those people who watch this meaningful movie.

An ordinary woman was living alone in a house in Japan. She is working as a tourist guide. The girl who was going to marry full blooded Japanese. They are already engage for two years. One day an old woman gives her a piece of paper having an address with a bar in Japan without knowing why this paper gave it to her. When she was there at the bar she saw his fiancé having another woman. She was so disappointed that night she was so depress. This kind of lea’s sadness leads to her eyes to be blinded. One day when she was already blind she tried to go out and take a rest. But there is a man went to her house wants to be friends on her. Lea is so mean is this man just like a she didn’t want to talk in every people around her. But this boy is a kind of person is never giving up on her in everyday that this man bringing breakfast for
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Team “Alempoy” have a nice chemistry. When you watch that movie you will not bored because full of comedy and they will easily catch your attention.
The weaknesses of the movie, the viewers are expecting a happy ending but it ends in the tragedy because Tonyo. They are two characters only and don’t show any of their backgrounds it’s better to have more characters. Then they not tell us why Lea works in
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