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Almost 25 percent of people are suffering from this condition caused by oral bacteria, and they are not even aware of it. Tonsil stones are a result of accumulated, hardened sulfur producing debris and bacteria which can become trapped near the tonsils. They are known to produce horribly bad breath, and yet you may be surprised how easily you can get rid of them.
Chronic Tonsil Stones

Notorious for being difficult to locate, these stones are usually hidden by the tonsils, so you may need someone else to help you find them. Although tonsil stones cause horrible breath, they do not put people in any real harm or danger.
How To Care For Your Mouth
Oral hygiene is a factor when it comes to the prevention of tonsil stones. While brushing your teeth, clean your entire mouth instead of focusing only on your teeth alone. The use of mouth wash and flossing in addition to brushing your
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After the swab has been moistened, gently use it to massage the stone off of the walls of your tonsil area.
Cough It Up
Tonsil stones have been known to dislodge on their own resulting from a violent cough. If you experience something hard coming out of your mouth while coughing, make sure to have it checked out.
Have Your Mouth Cleaned Medically
If you are unable to remove a tonsil stone on your own at home, you may need to receive medical attention. Having your tonsils removed is always the worst case scenario, but the visit to the Dr. normally ends with the prescription of an antibiotic.
The Handy Makeup Brush
If a Q-tip does not provide the smoothness or enough size to remove the tonsil stone, using the tip of a small makeup brush may provide better results. If you choose to use anything other than a cotton swab for the procedure, make sure the object has been properly sanitized before you stick it into your mouth or you could create even worse damage.
The Power of

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