Persuasive Speech How To Stop Tonsillitis

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Tonsillitis might seem to be a really frightening disease. It is often told that an individual suffering from it can only be cured through surgery; this is not true at all! Contrarily, one can find numerous natural ways to cure it, and I have here one of the best possible solution.
So what is the secret? It is simple and a definite item of your kitchen cabinet. Cumin seeds! They are known for their properties as a healing agent for centuries. The remedy I am going to share with you today can eliminate tonsillitis in a few hours’ time. So say good bye to bank breaking surgeries and next time even if a kid in the family is showing sour tonsillitis or throat signs prepare this quick recipe and get dazzled by the results!
The use of folk medicine by our ancestors made them keep various diseases at bay. The following and many other recipes have been passed through generations, so that today we can cure ourselves by easily at our homes.
Simple Ingredients
• Black or regular cumin seeds – 80 g
• Filtered water – 250 ml
• Whisky or Cognac – 1 tbsp
Easy Method:
Put cumin seeds and 200 ml water in a pot and bring to boil. Let it cook for more 15 minutes. The mixture should now get thick and turn black in color. It might resemble wet grounded coffee.
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Richardson M.D. being one of them, are still using it secretly to treat patients in his clinic in San Francisco. Shockingly, these were giving better treatment than modern medical ones. Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience by John A. Richardson M.D. and Patricia Irving Griffin, R.N documents these successes of Richardson. FDA’s attack was tough on Laetrile. As FDA considers Laetrile an illegal form of treatment. It considered it unapproved practice so the trade of Laetrile is also banned in the States. However, amygdalin (B12) supplements are still available. Herds of people swear by B17 for curing

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