Tony Bennett Biography

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The Life of Tony Bennett Tony Bennett was born in Queens, New York August 3, 1926 with the name Anthony Dominick Benedetto ( Editors ). He later wanted to change his name to something more simple. When Bennett was 10 years old his father passed away and he began to develop depression at this time. He went to the High School of Industrial Arts, but he had to drop out to help his family with finances ( Editors ). In 1944 Tony served in the United States Army, and he served on the front lines as a rifleman ( Editors ). When Tony Bennett was in the military he performed in the band under the name Joe Bari Bennett and then he was later discovered by Pearl Bailey ( Editors). Bennett later caught…show more content…
In 1962 Bennett came back to the spotlight with the song ¨I Left My Heart in San Francisco¨. This

Taylor 2 is the recording that really caught the public’s attention, it also led to Bennett’s first Grammy Award ( Editors).
On February 12, 1952 Tony married Patricia Beech. Two years later they gave birth to their first son D’Andrea and the next year they had their second son Deagal (“Tony Bennett Biography”). In 1944 Tony’s marriage became strained for all the stress on the road so he and his wife divorced. Tony later developed a drug habit to cocaine and marijuana from his problems (“Tony Bennett Biography”). In 1979 Tony had a near-fatal drug overdose and this finally convinced him to seek help (“Tony Bennett Biography”).
Tony Bennett is now 90 years old and is still singing to this day. Tony has sold over 50 million records worldwide (“Tony Bennett Biography”). He has also won 18 Grammy Awards and is a successful painter. He has even been involved in various charitable causes ( Editors). Tony Bennett is now a very happy man with his wife Susan Crow who became his third wife in 1999 (
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