Tony Blair's Speech Ethos Pathos Logos

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The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair,in his speech, following September 11, 2001 America United States ,sheds light about terrorists and unity.Blair’s purpose is to unite Americans citizens as one .Blair’s speech was effective in persuading all Americans that unity is the answer against terrorist or any other issue because of pathos,logos,and allusion.
Blair effectively uses pathos in many different ways throughout his speech to impact the reader 's emotions that will forever stay in ones heart.For instance, in order to express the ¨suffering¨,¨terror¨,and ¨horror¨ that unfolded after the terrorist attack .Incidentally, ¨watching the horror unfold,imagining the almost unimaginable suffering¨(11 and 12).The readers will gain an image on
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Unity over Europe have been difficult to maintain when outsider have fought to tear and bring this unity Americans have builded down.Clearly, with this unity terrorist or outsiders have not yet achieved their goals to such disgrace.Learning about the bravery America has had will help the minds of those who are dreadful due to such tragic attack.
In the end, Blair clarifies using allusion that communication has improved since Queen Victoria’s time.In fact,in todays world Americans are able to see the “enacted live on BBC,Sky, or CNN”(5).Which means communication can inform Americans about traggic events such as the terrorrist attck that happended.Unlike, in Queen Victorias time reports took long to be recived and inform her and her people about news happening arund the world.This implies that in the modern world everyone is connected uniting the world together.
Over all, the usage allusion,pathos,and logos in Blair’s speech will help Americans understand that unity is the key to all issue.Due to the fact that with technology communication is able to impact emotions and the past to make the United States of America more united against any harm that terrorist desire over this
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