Tony Cavanaugh's Murder Mysteries And Hiding

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Nestled in an emptying Gold Coast café, local filmmaker Nils Nilsson displays admirable restraint. He momentarily motions to elaborate, but reconsiders. Hollow silence permeates. For now, “limited” is his sole description of the Gold Coast film industry. Perhaps he’s an optimist. Perhaps he’s wary of biting the hand that feeds. Whatever the explanation, he’s clearly inhibited. His tone belies this tempered response, foreshadowing deeper misgivings. So, when he eventually clarifies, satisfaction is palpable. Evidently, he was just warming up. “Why can’t we turn this place into a Hollywood?,” he laments “Why can’t the main film hub be here?” “We’re stuck down in Melbourne and Sydney, shooting around piss poor weather.” “We’ve got sunshine up here;…show more content…
Basically, the Gold Coast must convince international filmmakers of its’ worthiness, rather than the reverse. This critical point is not lost on Tony Cavanaugh, whose recent credits among an illustrious 40-year career include ABC’s Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries and Hiding. Nevertheless, though Mr Cavanaugh concedes external factors stifle the Gold Coast’s filmic potential, he primarily attributes deficiencies to an overreliance on disloyal American productions, rather than fostering local talent. Ultimately, his evaluation is far less diplomatic. “[American filmmakers] come here and take advantage of the low dollar and government incentives,” he evaluates. “They could be shooting here, or they could be shooting in South Africa or Puerto Rico - they don’t give a flying f**k as long as they can squeeze as much money out of the government.” “I mean, good on them, if they can get $20million out of the government, f**k, go for it.” To encourage sustainability, Mr Cavanaugh recommends a radically different financial
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