Tony Dungy Character Analysis Essay

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Character is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language as “Moral or Ethical Strength; Integrity; fortitude. Tony Dungy is known as the first African American to win the super bowl as a coach. He is also known as a man with outstanding and excellent character. This paper will reflect on Tony’s exceptional character and how he has relied on his values and high morals to achieve goals that many thought were unreachable goals. Tony attributes a lot of his success in the world of football to the importance he placed on character and how much the people he surrounded himself with were likeminded. Most people believe “character” influences all decisions, decisions that will determine if a person achieves their goals in life or if a person makes…show more content…
There were times in his coaching career where the local radio or newspaper would criticize him if his team was losing. He would hold his head high and show up every Sunday to perform his duty as coach. He never tore his players down with insults or used profanity to achieve his goals. Tony has always strived to be an example of someone who treats people fairly, respectfully and with kindness. Although he is known mainly for his involvement in football, Tony has said in several interviews that football was not his life. He often said this to his players and to his staff as well. It held a place of importance in his life, yet it was not the most important thing. Tony has also stated in the past that one’s faith, family and the impact made in the community is of much greater importance then football. His involvement with the community in programs such as All Pro Dad an organization that highlights the importance of being a good father, shows that he stands behind what he says. He also travels the country giving inspirational speeches encouraging people to focus on good values and morals. He is someone who practices what he
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