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or receive equal family health and pension benefits as federal civilian employees”(Clinton). DOMA was yet another way that society was able to systematically disenfranchise a group. Another name worth mentioning who stands up for the silent is Tony Hall. In 1974, Hall was elected into the United States House of Representatives. This position gave him the opportunity to fight hunger on a national, then international level. Hunger is a solvable, but seemingly impossible world problem. 2,500 people die of it every day, yet it does not receive the attention required to improve upon it. When Tony Hall found the topic, he realized just how important it was and made it his main focus. Hunger is usually a result of a greater economic or social problem, like the civil war in Ethiopia or the dictatorship in North Korea. Hall has witnessed firsthand the results of hunger in impoverished countries all around the world. Not only during his time in office, but also as a member of the Peace Corps. While in office, he became Chairman of a House Select Committee…show more content…
A life-altering moment that Hall experienced was meeting the iconic humanitarian, Mother Teresa. When asked how she manages to do so much good in the world, she responds by holding Hall 's hand, touching each one of his fingers, and saying, “To the least of these”, meaning that one should do what is placed in front of them. That is exactly what Hall did. And that philosophy took him around the world. With the help of a 100 million dollar donation from the World Bank, Ambassador Hall gives out loans to micro enterprises around the globe, a system now worth over 250 billion dollars. Ambassador Tony Hall is an example of courage because he followed his conscience above all. He was willing to work with others to achieve an appropriate solution, but his “Compromise need not mean Cowardice” (Kennedy). He has always been firm in his beliefs, done the work that fell into his lap, and showed fearlessness in the face of

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