Tony Montana Film Analysis

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In both movies Tony kills his best friend for being with his sister. The 1983 remake Tony Montana finds out after he kills Manny that his sister had gotten married to his best friend just a day before and that they were going to surprise Tony. Tony realizes what he has done and he is extremely upset. His anger got the best of him and he killed his best friend and right hand man. If he hadn’t let his anger take over he would have had his best friend become his brother in law and his sister would be married to a good man instead of all the other guys that he tries to keep away from her so adamantly. His sister cries and cries and then yells at Tony. In the original movie Tony’s sister(Cesca) shows up at Tony’s home pointing a gun at him but…show more content…
In the original 1932 film the police surround Tony’s home because they are there to take him to jail, for the assassination of Guino Rinaldo. Whereas, the 1983 remake, Tony Montana is at his home when Columbian cartels slowly creep up on him. Tony is in his office right after being shot by his sister in the leg, a man comes through Tony’s house window and shoots his sister down. Tony then goes crazy and kills the man, he then goes out onto his balcony and one of his bodyguards tells him that they are under attack and needs to return inside. The 1983 remake, is similar to the original 1932 film because Tony goes down with bullets flying everywhere, killing approximately twelve to fourteen of the intruders until finally one creeps up from behind him and shoots him with a shotgun, putting him to sleep forever. In the 1932 original Scarface movie, Tony Comante tries to run from the police but is brought down by their machine gun fire. Also, in the original film a stray bullet that was meant for Tony by the police accidently kills his sister (Cesca). Both films end when Tony is at long last killed. Clearly both movies would end when Tony's life does on the grounds that the film is about him . When the end of the film is nearing I got myself practically sitting tight for Tony to kick the bucket, particularly in the to a great degree long
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