Tony Nathan Character Analysis

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“Jesus says to love our enemies; we have to love those who oppose us, if you only love those who love you back then what kind of love is that.” Tony Nathan was given an amazing gift by God and was called to defy adversity and be a star on his predominantly white football team during the integration period at Woodlawn high school. The entire team experienced a kind of spiritual revival and came together to bring hope to their school, city, and even their state. Woodlawn was directed by Jon and Andy Erwin and has a rating of PG. Caleb Castille plays the main character and football star, Tony Nathan. Several coaches in the movie are Coach Tandy Gerelds played by Nic Bishop, Shorty White played by C. Thomas Howell, and Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant played by Jon Voight. Another major role is Sean Astin as Hank, the sports chaplain who shows the team a “better way” through Jesus Christ. The movie is a sports drama that takes place in Birmingham, Alabama as Woodlawn high school is being desegregated. As racial tensions built up, a message about the One…show more content…
The odds were stacked against him, but Tony’s relationship with Jesus Christ allowed him to defy these odds. Although Tony is full of football potential, he is afraid of being hit. However, Tony learns to take the hits with the help of Coach Gerelds, and becomes a star player. As Tony gains popularity, racist pressure hits and he is threatened to quit. Tony fights through the adversity with fortitude and courage, continuing to play football for Woodlawn. I recommend watching the move Woodlawn. I think anyone and everyone should watch this movie, but older audiences will get more of the true meaning. The movie shows how characters use their abilities and character traits for the greater good. The message behind Woodlawn is awe-inspiring, and shows how much Jesus Christ can make a difference in people’s
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