Anthony Robbins Ted Talk Analysis

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TED2006: Why we do what we do by Tony Robbins “Your model of the world is what shapes you long term…That’s what’s shaping us. It makes people make decisions” are the exact words of Tony Robbins at TED2006 in his inspirational TED talk (talk), Why we do what we do. Robbins calls himself the “why guy” who is dedicated to uncover people’s motivation for their actions. He believes that emotion is the force of life, and that if humans get the right emotions, they can accomplish anything. The main idea of his presentation is the fulfillment of the last two out of the six human needs he mentioned, growth and contribution, so people can give back and appreciate others in return. After analyzing Robbins’ talk, it is evident that he is a persuasive…show more content…
First, it is of no question that Robbins is a tall guy, and his height and stance can be quite intimidating for some, and in addition to that, he is wearing a long and loose suit jacket that flaps as he strides back and forth the stage. Second, Robbins’ voice sounds raspy and it is difficult to understand some words during his talk. In addition, he speaks quite fast and some of the audience might not be able to catch important points of his topic. He also includes swear words every now and then, and some people might not be comfortable hearing foul words in a presentation. Lastly, Robbins turn his back from the audience at some point of his presentation to face his slides, and he is quite impatient when his slides will not move to the next page right away. These are all the areas where Robbins can improve on, to further deliver exceptional presentations for his audience. In conclusion, Tony Robbins’ TED talk at TED2006 is presented persuasively and excellently. He has delivered it in an expressive way with so much passion that persuades the audience. Although there are areas that he needs to improve on, his confidence and strong communications skills has allowed him to deliver a high-quality presentation. Therefore Tony Robbins should keep holding presentations so he can positively influence
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