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At a very young age, I’ve always been interested in helping and teaching others the power of knowledge. It mostly stems from the knowledge I was taught by my loved ones. Being the youngest in my family. There was always someone looking out for me and always tending to my needs. That someone was my magnificent mother, Tonya Hunt. A woman who exemplifies what it’s meant to be a strong African American women. She’s a single mother of four who just wanted her kids to be filled with happiness, prosperity, and success. Though, she was handed the short end of the stick her entire life. She fought through all her challenges just to see her children succeed. My mother has a significant influence on me because she taught me to always go for what …show more content…

To never give up on my dreams, even when the odds are against you, keep moving forward. Her motivation is the reason why I didn’t give up after my junior year of high school when everything seemed to fall apart. I became extremely depressed with my life. During my junior year of high school everything came crashing down. As my brothers enjoyed the college life. I was left with the short end of the stick. My mother 's health was rapidly becoming worse, countless unpaid bills, and barely no food on the table. I had no choice but to get a job. Though, my brothers were able to help out when I worked. I missed countless days of school and my grades quickly diminish. I’ve always been afraid of failing and always wanted to strive for greatness, but life has it’s up’s and down’s. For the first time in my life I was a …show more content…

I never once thought I would be in this predicament when I entered high school. The failure I have experienced during my junior year took it’s toll on me. Already struggling with depression and anxiety. I was driven into an even darker path. However, my mother got me through that dark time. She got me the help I needed and gave me the strength to pick up the broken pieces in order to put it back together. I’ve learned that “it takes getting everything you ever wanted, and then losing it to know what true freedom is.” Said by the wise artist, Lana Del Rey. I loss the one thing I ever wanted, success but soon came to realize that God has bigger plans. Entering my senior year of high school. I can officially say I have put the pieces back together. I have learned that anything is possible, if you express hard work, dedication, and commitment. The lesson I have taken from failure will be the fundamental reason why I will succeed in college. The fundamental reason why I succeed in

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