Too Many People: Coming To America

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Too Many People: Coming to America Our class reviewed immigration by those who use mostly illegal means, and how illegal immigration is currently being addressed. Still, nothing we have seen has given us a viable solution to the problems incurred by those who immigrate, the problems arising from those who detain, house, then deport immigrants, or what the United States can do to resolve the issue of illegal immigration. Implementation of National Identification Card, such as used in Germany can be an easy answer. Even though initial cost, implementation, and future maintenance may contribute to an already high national debt, federal reformation of current immigration law is in order. Federal regulation would provide a legal way for immigrants…show more content…
In the time it takes to wait, families can die from starvation. They are willing to take their chances by traveling many miles, under the worst conditions, in a chance that they successfully cross, perhaps but not always, meet with family members, just for the chance of gaining a better life for themselves. Some families are willing to send their children to the U.S. to join other immigrants presently in the U. S., just so they don’t have to seem suffering. In “Which Way Home (Documentary Film 2009), we viewed the story of unaccompanied minors who make their way while riding on a train from central America through Mexico in an attempt to cross the border. Once in America, they hope to find family members or at least a possibility of work in an effort to help their families. Their perils range from exposure to the elements, to loss of limb from slipping while riding the train, to rape and torture, and death. Neither the children nor their parents are guaranteed survival from the trip. They only have a dream of a better life and hope that once in America; that they will be able to help the families left behind. Many illegal immigrants feel they have no other choice but to come to America, they are desperate. The story of the children is only one among the several illegal immigrants attempting to enter the U.
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