Too Outdated Of The Education System In The 21st Century

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The current US educational system is far too outdated and inefficient for the youth (more specifically, students) of the 21st century. Since the days of the industrial revolution, youth have been taught, in essence, the same thing, over and over- to obey orders quickly, quietly and repetitively without truly learning the information that will supposedly "improve" their futures. Kids and teens alike rarely get the chance to truly learn something of their own accord; instead, the higher-ups (teachers, principals, school board, etc.), choose what kids and teens these days must know and what they are better off (in their opinion) not knowing. Students will never feel the pride and happiness that comes with learning something they have wanted to learn, independently. The higher-ups never take student interests and whether the students will actually use the information taught to them once their adulthood begins into consideration. Plus, the educational system does not take into account that the knowledge they are currently being taught may not ever come into use by the students ever again.

First off, schools have always adhered to the same and lifeless routine of teaching students to follow unnecessary instructions and nothing less. According to Siberman 's Crisis in the classroom, "…mindlessness- the failure or refusal to think seriously about educational purpose, the reluctance to question established practice… is to destroy student 's curiosity with their ability". Since
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